THE SHOWROOM, MINGARA | Saturday 27th August 2016

Innovation Award


Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Newcastle and Central Coast Campus Director, Prof. Stephen Crump (r) with Treehouse Creative Director /Producer, Jason VanGenderen (m) and Pixel Mache partner David Abrahams (l), Director of Organise Internet

A joint venture between one of the region's great creative agencies, Treehouse Creative, and online development company, OI Organise Internet resulted in creation of a new branded online video broadcast known as

The platforms allows customers to fully brand their online video delivery and integrate into an expanding array of social media tools.

The creative energy from award winning short film maker, Jason VanGenderen has resulted in a focussed business tool in the crowded online video space.

OI Organise Internet has programmed a robust and secure integration system that boosts the client's visibility in the online space, particularly with Google and YouTube.

David Abrahams, Principal Consultant, for OI Organise Internet, said, "Already the innovation prize has stimulated half a dozen sales and prospects".